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What Is This?

Roleplays are little story sequences done by two or more people.  Its just like a play, but only you dont have a script/  You and the members of your roleplay adlib.  They are actually quite fun and can be done in paragraph mode or script mode.  Paragraph mode is when you give a brief explanation of what your character is doing while script mode is a simplification of what youre doing.


Paragraph Mode; Dakota was stressed, and frustrated.  She was sick of everyone ignoring her, pretending as though she was just a leaf blowing in the wind.  She looked into the dirty mirror to see her reflection; makeup a mess, eyes red, food in her hair from the food fight.  She couldnt be strong anymore.  The other teenagers were just too cruel.  She knew she didnt belong here, but now that everyone doubts her, she is determined to leave as a remembered student. Looking at her arm, she pulled down her sleeve in disgust.  She wasnt turning back to the old her.  She was in a new school, had a new start, and she was determined to make the best of it.

Script Mode; Dakota was sad. -looked into the mirror, seeing a person she hated;herself- -looked at the scars on her arm- "I am not going back to that"

Original Plots:

You are flipping through the channels on the television, pissed off for getting suspended from school….again. Summer break starts in three days, so you consider this just another early vacation.  Your cell phone rings and you check the number. To your surprise it’s unknown. Hesitantly, you pick up the phone to hear that it’s the producer of the hit show “Real World LA: Teenage Edition” They have been studying your rebel behavior and asked you to come star on their show. This show is about bad teenage girls that have to spend an entire summer together.  This show is to see how long you can survive with bitches just like you, but there is one rule. No Physical Fighting.  So you ponder the thought.  You’re a tough, sexy bad chick.  When these girls meet you, they wouldn’t know what hit them.  You will probably run that house.  The real question you are asking yourself is will you?

*Both of these plots were thought of by me. If you use them, at least attempt to credit me perhaps, please?

It's a late Friday night and you are out waaaay past curfew.  You told your parents that you would be spending the night over your best friends house, when in reality you were going to a party to drink. The party was stopped by the police and you and your best friend(s) managed to sneak away.  Not able to go home since its 1am, you decide to walk around until you find a safe place to crash.  You come across a safe looking building and walk inside.  It looks like a hotel-ish hospital.  You decide you would be safe there and ask the clerk if you could stay there until morning.  For some strange reason, he looks at you and your friend(s) as though you are crazy but reply "sure"  He asks if you and your friends would be okay alone since the shift is over and that you and your friends would be just fine in a "holding" room.  You and your friends are eighteen, nearly off to college so you think that you are grown enough to stay in a inn until morning.  What you don't know is that you are about to be locked in to an all-boys mental ward/asylum, and after you are locked in, you aren't coming out.

The Females;


Outspoken. Lesbian. Passionate. Atheist. Animal Lover. ♥'s Video Games. Great musician. Zany.


Rich. Bitchy. Obnoxious. Deceitful. Glamorous. Spoiled. Fashionable. Aspiring Model. Lonely.


Calm. Vintage Lover. Aspiring Designer & Photographer. Witty. Caring. Artistic.

The Gentlemen;


Animal Lover. Caring. Guitarist. Loving. ♥'s Nature. Playful.


Loner. Eccentric. Sarcastic. Quiet. Hot headed. ♥'s Simple Things in Life


Music Lover. Skateboarding.  Funny. Dorky. Prankster. Silly.