My Celebrity Edits (: My Celebrity Edits (: Beyonce' My first celebrity edit. I absolutely love this♥ 148048892 Ke$ha A Ke$ha celebrity edit. I tried to go for a dark retro theme 148202588 Nicki Minaj A general Nicki Minaj celebrity collage and edit. 152973805 Alyson Michalka A general Aly Michalka edit (: 152976957 Demi Lovato A general Demi Lovato edit (: 158993364 Alyson Michalka I wanted to add color to this black & white array. And I succeeded (: 161229904 Amanda Bynes A general edit of Amanda Bynes :) I changed the coloring and format basically. 168518886 Amanda Seyfried A general edit. The left picture is before, the right picture is after :) I basically brightened it and highlighted her features 168518887