Photoshop CS5 Typography Photoshop CS5 Typography Much to Remember It's hard to forget someone who gave you so much to remember 130450599 Smile Darling Smile for the camera darling, everyone's watching. 130450600 Arise Arise and be all that you dreamed. 130450601 Everything Was Perfect Everything was perfect until you decided I wasn't. 130450602 Faith Fading My faith is slowly fading.... 130450603 Second Chances I believe in second chances. I just don't think everyone deserves them. 130450604 Seen & Heard I just want to be seen & heard. 130450605 Tailgate Oh Baby, you can find me in the back of a jacked up tailgate. 130450606 Absolutely Lost & i'm absolutely lost without you. 130450868 Remembered I just want to be remembered. 130450607 Beside Me I need you here beside me... 130798321 Dream Big Dream Big 130798322 Little World Sometimes i'm off in my own little world... 130798323 Imperfect Beauty I'll be your one & only imperfect beauty, baby. 131029695 You're Leaving You broke me, you're leaving, and there is nothing I can do 133024324 I'm Not Okay & there are days that i'm not okay. 133722317 You'll Be There Tell me that you'll be there, and thats all i'll need 133722783 Paint "Paint a Picture of You" 152262076 Too Short "Lifes Too Short to Worry At All" 152262077 I Tried "I tried, but now you're gone" 158995103 Just Smile "Just Smile (:" 161229890 All I Want Is Love "All I Want Is Love" 168520647