May 16, 2012

Posted by -Rather Die Young; on May 16, 2012 at 1:05 PM

Well i'm sitting here in Biology ILT, trying to study for Spanish.  I already know what I didn't know on the test, well sorta.  But i'm still trying to study because I know as soon as the test gets in front of me, i'm going to have a brain fart and fail and die.  I fail at life and it's making me upset.

I just feel so empowered and angry at the moment. I basically have no confidence in myself.  I dont even feel like blogging but i'm doing it to pass time.  Maybe i'm feeling like this because im listening to One Blood (Original Version) by Game.  It reminds me of a black and white music video where you are about to fight somebody and you have to prepare yourself for the fight.  And the rest of the footage is you looking gangster while walking around in the hood. I'm surprised I like the original version better than the radio edit.  There is no awkward verse where the guy is like Blood-Blood-Bloo-Bloo-Bloo-Bloo-Blood. Yea, that. It's really awkward. The song just went off, and now im thoroughly confused with life.

I should really be studying for Spanish. Okay, stem changers. Perder-to lose. Poder-to be able to for. Probar-to try on, Pedir-to ask for, Pensar-to think. Thats all I need to remember basically. Lets review that. Perder is to lose. I know that for sure.  Pensar is to think? Pedir is crap I forgot and I just typed it. Pedir is to ask? Yes, Probar-to try on. Thanks Molly for showing that to me. 

I really need to learn these words, so i'm signing off. Wow, this had to be the most pointless blog I have ever written in my entire life. I'll add more blog worthy stuff to this later, since my life is falling in shambles again.

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