June 27, 2012

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I need to start updating my blog and website more, like seriously. Well, I just spent three hours updating my website to my liking. This was the third time trying out this Site 3uilder and actually completing a website. The first two times I was just like, what the hell? And just left it alone. The only thing thats bad about the Site 3uilder is that you have to actually complete your website before you can actually say "Hey, thats really cute!" With the old site builder, you co...

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May 16, 2012

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Well i'm sitting here in Biology ILT, trying to study for Spanish.  I already know what I didn't know on the test, well sorta.  But i'm still trying to study because I know as soon as the test gets in front of me, i'm going to have a brain fart and fail and die.  I fail at life and it's making me upset.

I just feel so empowered and angry at the moment. I basically have no confidence in myself.  I dont even feel like blogging but i'm doing it to pass time.  Maybe...

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May 6, 2012

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Ohmygoodness, i'm actually writing a blog entry and it hasnt been like, two months, haha. So much has happened lately that has left me overwhelmed. Well, my mom and aunt's birthday were Thursday since they are twins and we sorta celebrated.  My mom chose her friends over me.....again. So, she skipped my art show that had art I made for her and other members of my familiy in it just so she could go smoke and drink. I mean, I know its your birthday, but my art show happens O...

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April 20th, 2012

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Everytime I make a blog entry, I always say that I will make my blog posts more consistent. Yet, they are not. So yea, alot has sorta happened in the past month.  April 15 was the one year anniversary of my uncles death.  He had cancer. I basically bawled my eyes out the entire day and the night before.  I don't even know why I feel so guilty.  Wait, yes I do.  I hardly spent any time with him.  While he was alive, I spe...

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"Rugrats" Opinions & Feelings

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Okay, I am like really zoned out right now.  My sister mailed me this morning like "OMG CHECK THIS OUT"  I'm not even going to lie, my sister is easily fascinated so I wasn't to excited to see what she was talking about x) But after I read the "truth" behind Rugrats, I was mindraped and speechless.  In case you have no clue as to what i'm talking about, I have posted it in a previous blog post.

I c...

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